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Canetti, Ran ; Goldwasser, Shafi ; Müller, Günter ; Steinwandt, Rainer

08491 Executive Summary -- Theoretical Foundations of Practical Information Security

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Designing, building, and operating secure information processing
systems is a complex task, and the only scientific way to address the
diverse challenges arising throughout the life-cycle of security
criticial systems is to consolidate and increase the knowledge of the
theoretical foundations of practical security problems. To this aim,
the mutual exchange of ideas across individual security research
communities can be extraordinary beneficial. Accordingly, the
motivation of this Dagstuhl seminar was the integration of different
research areas with the common goal of providing an integral
theoretical basis that is needed for the design of secure information
processing systems.

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Keywords: Organic computing, self-organisation, design, adaptivity
Collection: 08491 - Theoretical Foundations of Practical Information Security
Issue Date: 2009
Date of publication: 27.02.2009

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