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Guillou, Lucie ; Sangnier, Arnaud ; Sznajder, Nathalie

Safety Analysis of Parameterised Networks with Non-Blocking Rendez-Vous

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We consider networks of processes that all execute the same finite-state protocol and communicate via a rendez-vous mechanism. When a process requests a rendez-vous, another process can respond to it and they both change their control states accordingly. We focus here on a specific semantics, called non-blocking, where the process requesting a rendez-vous can change its state even if no process can respond to it. In this context, we study the parameterised coverability problem of a configuration, which consists in determining whether there is an initial number of processes and an execution allowing to reach a configuration bigger than a given one. We show that this problem is EXPSPACE-complete and can be solved in polynomial time if the protocol is partitioned into two sets of states, the states from which a process can request a rendez-vous and the ones from which it can answer one. We also prove that the problem of the existence of an execution bringing all the processes in a final state is undecidable in our context. These two problems can be solved in polynomial time with the classical rendez-vous semantics.

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Keywords: Parameterised verification, Coverability, Counter machines
Collection: 34th International Conference on Concurrency Theory (CONCUR 2023)
Issue Date: 2023
Date of publication: 07.09.2023

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