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Rossi, Matti

Action Design Research - An Integrative Research Method for Studying Design

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It is the premise of this position paper that a combination of design research and action research can be very useful for studying high performance designs. However, there has been a separation between the two approaches. A growing body of literature is recognizing these cross fertilization possibilities between AR and DR. Researchers argue for similarity between the two (J'rvinen 2007; Lee 2007; Figueiredo and Cunha 2007) as well as caution against fusion (Iivari 2007). Others suggest a middle ground stating that in some situations and contexts, the two may be integrated (Cole et al. 2005; Sein et al. 2007).

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Keywords: Action research, Design research, Proactive research
Collection: 08412 - Perspectives Workshop: Science of Design : High-Impact Requirements for Software-Intensive Systems
Issue Date: 2009
Date of publication: 28.04.2009

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