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Buchmann, Johannes A. ; Lindner, Richard

Density of Ideal Lattices

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The security of many emph{efficient} cryptographic constructions, e.g.~collision-resistant hash functions, digital signatures, and identification schemes, has been proven assuming the hardness of emph{worst-case} computational problems in ideal lattices. These lattices correspond to ideals in the ring of integers of some fixed number field $K$.

In this paper we show that the density of $n$-dimensional ideal lattices with determinant $le b$ among all lattices under the same bound is in $O(b^{1-n})$. So for lattices of dimension $> 1$ with bounded determinant, the subclass of ideal lattices is always vanishingly small.

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Keywords: Post-quantum cryptography, provable security, ideal lattices
Collection: 09221 - Algorithms and Number Theory
Issue Date: 2009
Date of publication: 20.08.2009

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