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Rückert, Markus

Lattice-based Blind Signatures

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Motivated by the need to have secure blind signatures even in the presence of quantum computers, we present two efficient blind signature schemes based on hard worst-case lattice problems. Both schemes are provably secure in the random oracle model and unconditionally blind. The first scheme is based on preimage samplable functions that were introduced at STOC 2008 by Gentry, Peikert, and Vaikuntanathan. The scheme is stateful and runs in 3 moves. The second scheme builds upon the PKC 2008 identification scheme of Lyubashevsky. It is stateless, has 4 moves, and its security is based on the hardness of worst-case problems in ideal lattices.

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Keywords: Blind signatures, post-quantum, lattices, privacy
Collection: 09221 - Algorithms and Number Theory
Issue Date: 2009
Date of publication: 21.08.2009

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