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Toben, Tobe ; Westphal, Bernd ; Rakow, Jan-Hendrik

Spotlight Abstraction of Agents and Areas

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We present "spotlight abstraction" as a generic abstraction technique for the
analysis of systems comprising an unbounded number of communicating agents.

The abstraction principle is heterogeneous in the sense that the behaviour of a
finite number of agents is preserved while the others are only abstractly
represented. The precision of the abstraction can be tuned by an iterative
procedure based on the analysis of counterexamples.

Going beyond existing work, we show how to use the spotlight principle for
analysing systems where the physical position of agents is relevant. To this
end, we put the spotlight on areas rather than on fixed sets of agents.

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Keywords: Spotlight Abstraction, Verification, Dynamic Communication Systems
Collection: 10051 - Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis of Network Protocols
Issue Date: 2010
Date of publication: 13.04.2010

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