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Bry, Francois ; Cap, Clemens ; Dahm, Ingo ; Maintz, Julia ; Schaffert, Sebastian

10041 Manifesto -- Perspectives Workshop: Digital Social Media

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This manifesto explains and stresses the importance of “digital social media”, "social software" and "social computing". In particular, it makes the claim that we need a better
understanding of how this mix of enabling technology, social behaviour and market practises is challenging our socio-economical and political systems, and puts forward an action plan for the areas of education, fundamental research and applied research, to address these challenges.
The goal of this manifesto is to raise awareness for digital social media and to stress the need for research, research funding, and education in a field so far under-represented in public research funding programmes and in education. This manifesto does not cover all aspects of digital social media, or provide a comprehensive treatment of their socio-economical impact. Such issues are beyond the scope of this manifesto.
This manifesto is an outcome of a Perspective Workshop held from the 25th to 29th of January 2010 at the research centre Schloss Dagstuhl. The workshop brought together scientists and practitioners from academia and industry, across the fields of social sciences
and computer science.

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Keywords: Digital Social Media, Social Software, Social Computing
Collection: 10041 - Perspectives Workshop: Digital Social Networks
Issue Date: 2010
Date of publication: 07.06.2010

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