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Brass, Stefan

Implementation Alternatives for Bottom-Up Evaluation

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Bottom-up evaluation is a central part of query evaluation / program execution in deductive databases. It is used after a source code optimization like magic sets or SLDmagic that ensures that only facts relevant for the query can be derived. Then bottom-up evaluation simply performs the iteration of the standard TP -operator to compute the minimal model. However, there are different ways to implement bottom-up evaluation efficiently. Since this is most critical for the performance of a deductive database system, and since performance is critical for the acceptance of deductive database technology, this question deserves a thorough analysis. In this paper we start this work by discussing several different implementation alternatives. Especially, we propose a new implementation of bottom-up evaluation called "Push-Method".

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Keywords: Deductive databases, bottom-up evaluation, implementation
Collection: Technical Communications of the 26th International Conference on Logic Programming
Issue Date: 2010
Date of publication: 25.06.2010

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