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Gaggl, Sarah Alice

Towards a General Argumentation System based on Answer-Set Programming

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Within the last years, especially since the work proposed by Dung in 1995, argumentation has emerged as a central issue in Artificial Intelligence. With the so called argumentation frameworks (AFs) it is possible to represent statements (arguments) together with a binary attack relation between them.
The conflicts between the statements are solved on a semantical level by selecting acceptable sets of arguments. An increasing amount of data requires an automated computation of such solutions.
Logic Programming in particular Answer-Set Programming (ASP) turned out to be adequate to solve problems associated to such AFs.
In this work we use ASP to design a sophisticated system for the evaluation of several types of argumentation frameworks.

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Keywords: Argumentation, Implementation, Answer-Set Programming
Collection: Technical Communications of the 26th International Conference on Logic Programming
Issue Date: 2010
Date of publication: 25.06.2010

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