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Legeard, Bruno

Model-based Testing: Next Generation Functional Software Testing

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The idea of model-based testing is to use an explicit abstract model of a SUT and its environment to automatically derive tests for the SUT: the behavior of the model of the SUT is interpreted as the intended behavior of the SUT. The technology of automated model-based test case generation has matured to the point where large-scale deployments of this technology are becoming commonplace. The prerequisites for success, such as qualification of the test team, integrated tool chain availability and methods, are now identified, and a wide range of commercial and open-source tools are available.
Although MBT will not solve all testing problems, it is an important and useful technique, which brings significant progress over the state of the practice for functional software testing effectiveness, and can increase productivity and improve functional coverage.

In this talk, we'll adress the current trend of deploying MBT in the industry, particularly in the TCoE - Test Center of Excellence - managed by the big System Integrators, as a vector for software testing "industrialization".

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Keywords: Model-based testing, functional testing, test automation, process industrialization
Collection: 10111 - Practical Software Testing : Tool Automation and Human Factors
Issue Date: 2010
Date of publication: 28.06.2010

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