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Kraemer, Eileen ; Laura Dillon

Groundwork for the Development of Testing Plans for Concurrent Software

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While multi-threading has become commonplace in many application domains (e.g., embedded systems, digital signal processing (DSP), networks, IP services, and graphics), multi-threaded code often requires complex co-ordination of threads. As a result, multi-threaded implementations are prone to subtle bugs that are difficult and time-consuming to locate. Moreover, current testing techniques that address multi-threading are generally costly while their effectiveness is unknown. The development of cost-effective testing plans requires an in-depth study of the nature, frequency, and cost of concurrency errors in the context of real-world applications. The full paper will lay the groundwork for such a study, with the purpose of informing the creation of a parametric cost model for testing multi-threaded software. The current version of the paper provides motivation for the study, an outline of the full paper, and a bibliography of related papers.

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Keywords: Concurrency, Testing
Collection: 10111 - Practical Software Testing : Tool Automation and Human Factors
Issue Date: 2010
Date of publication: 28.06.2010

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