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Harrold, Mary Jean ; Marinov, Darko ; Oney, Stephen ; Pezzè, Mauro ; Porter, Adam ; Penix, John ; Runeson, Per ; Yoo, Shin

Introducing Continuous Systematic Testing of Evolving Software

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In today's evolutionary development of software, continuous testing is needed to ensure that the software is still functioning after changes. Test automation helps partly managing the large number of executions needed, but there is also a limit for how much automated tests may be executed. Then systematic approaches for test selection are needed also for automated tests. This manuscript defines this situation and outlines a general method and tool framework for its solution. Experiences from different companies are collected to illustrate how it may be set into practice.

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Keywords: Regression testing, continuous testing, test selection
Collection: 10111 - Practical Software Testing : Tool Automation and Human Factors
Issue Date: 2010
Date of publication: 28.06.2010

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