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Doherty, Patrick ; Kvarnström, Jonas ; Heintz, Fredrik ; Landen, D. ; Olsson, P.-M.

Research with Collaborative Unmanned Aircraft Systems

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We provide an overview of ongoing research which targets development of a principled framework for mixed-initiative interaction with unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). UASs are now becoming technologically mature enough to be integrated into civil society. Principled interaction between UASs and human resources is an essential component in their future uses in complex emergency services or bluelight scenarios. In our current research, we have targeted a triad of fundamental, interdependent conceptual issues: delegation, mixed-
initiative interaction and adjustable autonomy, that is being used as a basis for developing a principled and well-defined framework for interaction. This can be used to clarify, validate and verify different types of interaction between human operators and UAS systems both theoretically and practically in UAS experimentation with our deployed platforms.

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Keywords: Multi-agent systems, robotics, human-robot interaction, delegation
Collection: 10081 - Cognitive Robotics
Issue Date: 2010
Date of publication: 27.10.2010

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