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Burattini, E. ; Finzi, Alberto ; Rossi, S. ; Staffa, Maria Carla

Attentive Monitoring and Adaptive Control in Cognitive Robotics

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In this work, we present an attentional system for a robotic
agent capable of adapting its emergent behavior to the surrounding
environment and to its internal state. In this framework,
the agent is endowed with simple attentional mechanisms
regulating the frequencies of sensory readings and behavior
activations. The process of changing the frequency
of sensory readings is interpreted as an increase or decrease
of attention towards relevant behaviors and particular aspects
of the external environment. In this paper, we present our
framework discussing several case studies considering incrementally
complex behaviors and tasks.

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Keywords: Attention, behavior-based control, robotics
Collection: 10081 - Cognitive Robotics
Issue Date: 2010
Date of publication: 27.10.2010

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