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Foscarini, Fiorella ; Kim, Yunhyong ; Lee, Christopher A. ; Mehler, Alexander ; Oliver, Gillian ; Ross, Seamus

On the Notion of Genre in Digital Preservation

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In this paper, we discuss the notion of genre as a basis for addressing the problem of context representation in digital preservation. We outline several reference points for the notion of genre. This includes a review of diplomatic principles that can support and enhance the power of genre as a key to capture information about context relations. Further, we discuss the impact of open genre models and open topic models in information retrieval and finally present a list of research questions concerning future research in automation of digital preservation.

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Keywords: Digital preservation, genre analysis, context modeling, diplomatics, information retrieval
Collection: 10291 - Automation in Digital Preservation
Issue Date: 2010
Date of publication: 28.12.2010

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