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Schupfer, Florian ; Grimm, Christoph

Towards more Dependable Verification of Mixed-Signal Systems

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The verification of complex mixed-signal systems is a challenge, especially considering the impact of parameter variations.
Besides the established approaches like Monte-Carlo or Corner-Case simulation, a novel semi-symbolic approach emerged in recent years.
In this approach, parameter variations and tolerances are maintained as symbolic ranges during numerical simulation runs by using affine arithmetic.
Maintaining parameter variations and tolerances in a symbolic way significantly increases verification coverage.
In the following we give a brief introduction and an overview of research on semi-symbolic simulation of both circuits and systems and discuss possible application for system level verification and optimization.

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Keywords: Affine Arithmetic, Range based methods, Verification, Semi-symbolic simulation
Collection: 10271 - Verification over discrete-continuous boundaries
Issue Date: 2010
Date of publication: 02.11.2010

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