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Dalsgaard, Andreas E. ; Olesen, Mads Chr. ; Toft, Martin ; Hansen, René Rydhof ; Larsen, Kim Guldstrand

METAMOC: Modular Execution Time Analysis using Model Checking

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Safe and tight worst-case execution times (WCETs) are important when scheduling hard real-time systems. This paper presents METAMOC, a modular method, based on model checking and static analysis, that determines safe and tight WCETs for programs running on platforms featuring caching and pipelining. The method works by constructing a UPPAAL model of the program being analysed and annotating the model with information from an inter-procedural value analysis. The program model is then combined with a model of the hardware platform and model checked for the WCET. Through support for the platforms ARM7, ARM9 and ATMEL AVR 8-bit, the modularity and retargetability of the method are demonstrated, as only the pipeline needs to be remodelled. Hardware modelling is performed in a state-of-the-art graphical modelling environment. Experiments on the Mälardalen WCET benchmark programs show that taking caching into account yields much tighter WCETs than without modelling caches, and that METAMOC is a sufficiently fast and versatile approach for WCET analysis.

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Keywords: WCET analysis, timed automata, model checking, UPPAAL
Collection: 10th International Workshop on Worst-Case Execution Time Analysis (WCET 2010)
Issue Date: 2010
Date of publication: 26.11.2010

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