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van Loon, Emiel ; Sack, Jörg-Rüdiger ; Buchin, Kevin ; Buchin, Maike ; de Berg, Mark ; van Kreveld, Marc ; Gudmundsson, Joachim ; Mountain, David

10491 Results of the break-out group: Gulls Data

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A classification of gull behaviour was produced by the group, led by domain
expert Emiel van Loon, who provided additional context including that gull trips
are typically composed of distinct segments, that gull trips are rarely single
purpose, and that there is very little diurnal pattern to activities. The
classification produced is not intended to be complete, or non overlapping.
Furthermore, the group considered how the attributes in the gulls dataset could be used in algorithms to automatically classify the dataset into distinct spatial
patterns, and associate this with gull behaviours.

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Keywords: Movement classification, Trajectory segmentation
Collection: 10491 - Representation, Analysis and Visualization of Moving Objects
Issue Date: 2011
Date of publication: 31.03.2011

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