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Gebhard, Gernot ; Cullmann, Christoph ; Heckmann, Reinhold

Software Structure and WCET Predictability

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Being able to compute worst-case execution time bounds for tasks of an embedded software system with hard real-time constraints is crucial to ensure the correct (timing) behavior of the overall system. Any means to increase the (static) time predictability of the embedded software are of high interest -- especially due to the ever-growing complexity of such software systems. In this paper we study existing coding proposals and guidelines, such as MISRA-C, and investigate whether they simplify static timing analysis. Furthermore, we investigate how additional knowledge, such as design-level information, can further aid in this process.

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Keywords: WCET Predictability, Embedded Software Structure, Coding Guidelines
Collection: Bringing Theory to Practice: Predictability and Performance in Embedded Systems
Issue Date: 2011
Date of publication: 21.03.2011

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