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Fridman, Wladimir ; Löding, Christof ; Zimmermann, Martin

Degrees of Lookahead in Context-free Infinite Games

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We continue the investigation of delay games, infinite games in which one player may postpone her moves for some time to obtain a lookahead on her opponent's moves. We show that the problem of determining the winner of such a game is undecidable for deterministic context-free winning conditions. Furthermore, we show that the necessary lookahead to win a deterministic context-free delay game cannot be bounded by any elementary function. Both results hold already for restricted classes of deterministic context-free winning conditions.

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Keywords: infinite games, delay, context-free languages
Collection: Computer Science Logic (CSL'11) - 25th International Workshop/20th Annual Conference of the EACSL
Issue Date: 2011
Date of publication: 31.08.2011

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