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Khan, Taimur ; Schneider, Daniel ; Al-Zokari, Yasmin ; Zeckzer, Dirk ; Hagen, Hans

Framework for Comprehensive Size and Resolution Utilization of Arbitrary Displays

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Scalable large high-resolution displays such as tiled displays are imperative for the visualization of large and complex datasets. In recent times, the relatively low costs for setting up large display systems have led to an highly increased usage of such devices. However, it is equally vital to optimally utilize their size and resolution to effectively explore such data through a combination of diverse visualizations, views, and interaction mechanisms. In this paper, we present a lightweight dispatcher framework which facilitates
input management, focus management, and the execution of several interrelated yet independent visualizations. The approach is deliberately kept flexible to not only tackle different hardware configurations but also the amount of visualization applications to be implemented. This is demonstrated through a scenario that executes four interrelated visualizations equally well on both a 5 PC tiled-wall and a single desktop. The key contribution of this work is the ability to extend the tiled-wall to work with multiple applications for enhanced size and resolution utilization of such displays.

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Keywords: Large and High-res Displays, Coordinated and Multiple Views, Human Computer Interaction
Collection: Scientific Visualization: Interactions, Features, Metaphors
Issue Date: 2011
Date of publication: 26.10.2011

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