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Koffina, Ioanna ; Serfiotis, Giorgos ; Christophides, Vassilis ; Tannen, Val ; Deutsch, Alin
Industrial Experiences

Integrating XML Data Sources using RDF/S Schemas: The ICS-FORTH Semantic Web Integration Middleware (SWIM)

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Semantic Web (SW) technology aims to facilitate the integration of legacy data sources spread worldwide. Despite the plethora of SW languages e.g., RDF/S, OWL recently proposed for
supporting large scale information interoperation, the vast majority of legacy sources still rely on relational databases RDB published on the
Web or corporate intranets as virtual XML. In this paper, we advocate a Datalog framework for mediating high level queries to relational and or
XML sources using community ontologies expressed in a SW language such as RDF/S. We describe the architecture and the reasoning services
of our SW integration middleware, called SWIM, and we present the main design choices and techniques for supporting powerful mappings between different data models, as well as reformulation and optimization of queries expressed against mediation schemas and views.

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Keywords: integration , xml , rdf schema
Collection: 04391 - Semantic Interoperability and Integration
Issue Date: 2005
Date of publication: 23.03.2005

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