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Kerren, Andreas

Interactive Visualization of Graph Pyramids

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Hierarchies of plane graphs, called graph pyramids, can be used for collecting, storing and analyzing geographical information based on satellite images or other input data. The visualization of graph pyramids facilitates studies about their structure, such as their vertex distribution or height in relation of a specific input image. Thus, a researcher can debug algorithms and ask for statistical information. Furthermore,
it improves the better understanding of geographical data, like landscape properties or thematical maps.

In this paper, we present an interactive 3D visualization tool that supports several coordinated views on graph pyramids, subpyramids, level graphs, thematical maps, etc. Additionally, some implementation details and application results are discussed.

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Keywords: Graph Pyramids, Interactive Visualization, Exploration
Collection: 05191 - Graph Drawing
Issue Date: 2006
Date of publication: 09.01.2006

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