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Novelli, Viviana ; De Vos, Marina ; Padget, Julian ; D’Ayala, Dina

LOG-IDEAH: ASP for Architectonic Asset Preservation

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To preserve our cultural heritage, it is important to preserve our architectonic assets, comprising buildings, their decorations and the spaces they encompass. In some geographical areas, occasional natural disasters, specifically earthquakes, damage these cultural assets. Perpetuate is a European Union funded project aimed at establishing a methodology for the classification of the damage to these buildings, expressed as "collapse mechanisms". Structural engineering research
has identified 17 different collapse mechanisms for masonry buildings damaged by earthquakes. Following established structural engineering practice, paper-based decisions trees have been specified to encode the recognition process for each of the various collapse mechanisms. In this paper, we report on how answer set programming has been applied to the construction of a machine-processable representation of these collapse mechanisms as an alternative for these decision-trees and their subsequent verification and application to building records from L'Aquila, Algiers and Rhodes. As a result, we advocate that structural engineers do not require the time-consuming
and error-prone method of decisions trees, but can instead specify the properties of collapse mechanisms directly as an answer set program.

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Keywords: Answer set programming, structural engineering, knowledge representation
Collection: Technical Communications of the 28th International Conference on Logic Programming (ICLP'12)
Issue Date: 2012
Date of publication: 05.09.2012

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