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Baillot, Patrick ; Dal Lago, Ugo

Higher-Order Interpretations and Program Complexity

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Polynomial interpretations and their generalizations like quasi-interpretations have been used in the setting of first-order functional languages to design criteria ensuring statically some
complexity bounds on programs. This fits in the area of implicit computational complexity, which aims at giving machine-free characterizations of complexity classes. In this paper, we extend this approach to the higher-order setting. For that we consider the notion of simply-typed term rewriting systems, we define higher-order polynomial interpretations for them and give a criterion ensuring that a program can be executed in polynomial time. In order to obtain a criterion flexible enough to validate interesting programs using higher-order primitives, we introduce a notion of polynomial quasi-interpretations, coupled with a simple termination criterion based on linear types and path-like orders.

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Keywords: implicit complexity, higher-order rewriting, quasi-interpretations
Collection: Computer Science Logic (CSL'12) - 26th International Workshop/21st Annual Conference of the EACSL
Issue Date: 2012
Date of publication: 03.09.2012

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