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Giunchiglia, Fausto ; Shvaiko, Pavel ; Yatskevich, Mikalai
Mapping and Translation

S-Match: an algorithm and an implementation of semantic matching

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We think of Match as an operator which takes two graph-like structures and produces a mapping between those nodes of the two graphs that correspond semantically to each other. Semantic matching is a novel approach where semantic correspondences are discovered by computing and returning as a result, the semantic information implicitly or explicitly codified in the labels of nodes and arcs. In this paper we present an algorithm implementing semantic matching, and we discuss its implementation within the S-Match system. We also test S-Match against three state of the art matching systems. The results, though preliminary, look promising, in particular for what concerns precision
and recall.

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Keywords: context, mappings between ontologies , automatic discovery of mappings
Collection: 04391 - Semantic Interoperability and Integration
Issue Date: 2005
Date of publication: 23.03.2005

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