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K├Ânig, Felix G. ; Matuschke, Jannik ; Richter, Alexander

Multi-Dimensional Commodity Covering for Tariff Selection in Transportation

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In this paper, we study a multi-dimensional commodity covering problem, which we encountered as a subproblem in optimizing large scale transportation networks in logistics. The problem asks for a selection of containers for transporting a given set of commodities, each commodity having different extensions of properties such as weight or volume. Each container can be selected multiple times and is specified by a fixed charge and capacities in the relevant properties. The task is to find a cost minimal collection of containers and a feasible assignment of the demand to all selected containers.

From theoretical point of view, by exploring similarities to the well known SetCover problem, we derive NP-hardness and see that the non-approximability result known for set cover also carries over to our problem. For practical applications we need very fast heuristics to be integrated into a meta-heuristic framework that - depending on the context - either provide feasible near optimal solutions or only estimate the cost value of an optimal solution. We develop and analyze a flexible family of greedy algorithms that meet these challenges. In order to find best-performing configurations for different requirements of the meta-heuristic framework, we provide an extensive computational study on random and real world instance sets obtained from our project partner 4flow AG.
We outline a trade-off between running times and solution quality and conclude that the proposed methods achieve the accuracy and efficiency necessary for serving as a key ingredient in more complex meta-heuristics enabling the optimization of large-scale networks.

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Keywords: Covering, Heuristics, Transportation, Tariff Selection
Collection: 12th Workshop on Algorithmic Approaches for Transportation Modelling, Optimization, and Systems
Issue Date: 2012
Date of publication: 13.09.2012

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