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Basney, Jim ; Nejdl, Wolfgang ; Olmedilla, Daniel ; Welch, Von ; Winslett, Marianne

Negotiating Trust on the Grid

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Grids support dynamically evolving collections of resources and
users, usually spanning multiple administrative domains. The dynamic and crossorganizational aspects of Grids introduce challenging management and policy
issues for controlling access to Grid resources. In this paper we show how to extend the Grid Security Infrastructure to provide better support for the dynamic
and cross-organizational aspects of Grid activities, by adding facilities for dynamic establishment of trust between parties. We present the PeerTrust language
for access control policies, which is based on guarded distributed logic programs,
and show how to use PeerTrust to model common Grid trust needs.

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Keywords: Trust, policy, negotiation
Collection: 05271 - Semantic Grid: The Convergence of Technologies
Issue Date: 2005
Date of publication: 20.12.2005

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