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Gomez-Perez, Asuncion ; González-Cabero, Rafael

ODESGS, an Environment for the Annotation and Design of Grid Environments

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ODESGS is an ongoing work carried out in the Ontogrid Project (FP6-511513). It is the extension of the ODESWS Environment [1] developed in the context of the Esperonto Project (IST-2001-34372) and is an implementation of the ODESGS Framework [2]. This framework is being developed for the markup of Grid Services (GS) and creation of new complex Semantic Grid Services (SGS) from these annotated GS, to enable their discovery and (semi)automatic composition. It also formalizes Virtual Organizations (VO) with it, defined, since the appearance of OGSA, as a set of the services that are operated and shared. Therefore, VO description is closely attached to the descriptions made to each GS individually, plus additional information about the relationships and policies between these services. Note that what we mean as markup of VO and SGS is the association of these elements with an instance of the ODESGS Ontology.

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Keywords: Semantic Grid Services
Collection: 05271 - Semantic Grid: The Convergence of Technologies
Issue Date: 2005
Date of publication: 20.12.2005

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