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Köpf, Boris ; Malacaria, Paquale ; Palamidessi, Catuscia
Weitere Beteiligte (Hrsg. etc.): Boris Köpf and Pasquale Malacaria and Catuscia Palamidessi

Quantitative Security Analysis (Dagstuhl Seminar 12481)

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The high amount of trust put into today's software systems calls for a rigorous analysis of their security. Unfortunately, security is often in conflict with requirements on the functionality or the performance of a system, making perfect security an impossible or overly expensive goal. Under such constraints, the relevant question is not whether a system is secure, but rather how much security it provides. Quantitative notions of security can express degrees of protection and thus enable reasoning about the trade-off between security and conflicting requirements. Corresponding quantitative security analyses bear the potential of becoming an important tool for the rigorous development of practical systems, and a formal foundation for the management of security risks.

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Keywords: Security, Privacy,Information theory, Programming languages, Formal methods
Collection: Dagstuhl Reports, Volume 2, Issue 11
Issue Date: 2013
Date of publication: 25.03.2013

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