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Balke, Tina ; da Costa Pereira, CĂ©lia ; Dignum, Frank ; Lorini, Emiliano ; Rotolo, Antonino ; Vasconcelos, Wamberto ; Villata, Serena

Norms in MAS: Definitions and Related Concepts

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In this chapter we provide an introductory presentation of normative multi-agent systems (nMAS). The key idea of the chapter is that any definition of nMAS should preliminarily clarify meaning, scope, and function of the concept of norm. On account of this idea, we focus on three definitions and some related requirements for nMAS. For each of such definitions we propose some guidelines for developing nMAS. Second, we suggest how to relate the concept of nMAS to different conceptions of norms and how norms can be used within the systems. Finally, we identify some specific issues that open research questions or that exhibit interesting overlaps with other disciplines.

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Keywords: Norms, MAS
Collection: Normative Multi-Agent Systems
Issue Date: 2013
Date of publication: 29.04.2013

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