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Broersen, Jan ; Cranefield, Stephen ; Elrakaiby, Yehia ; Gabbay, Dov ; Grossi, Davide ; Lorini, Emiliano ; Parent, Xavier ; van der Torre, Leendert W. N. ; Tummolini, Luca ; Turrini, Paolo ; Schwarzentruber, Fran├žois

Normative Reasoning and Consequence

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In this chapter, we first provide a general introduction to the research area methodology and relevance, then we discuss normative reasoning for multiagent systems, and finally we discuss current research challenges. We cover the main issues in modern deontic logic, which is much broader than the traditional modal logic framework of deontic logic, with an emphasis to our in- tended audience. To emphasize this broadness, we typically refer to "deontic logic and normative systems" rather than deontic logic only.

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Keywords: Norms, MAS
Collection: Normative Multi-Agent Systems
Issue Date: 2013
Date of publication: 29.04.2013

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