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Guinovart, Xavier Gómez ; Simões, Alberto

Retreading Dictionaries for the 21st Century

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Even in the 21st century, paper dictionaries are still compiled and
developed using standard word processors. Many publishing companies
are, nowadays, working on converting their dictionaries into computer readable documents, so that they can be used to prepare new features, such as making them available online. Luckily, most of these publishers can pay review teams to fix and even enhance these
dictionaries. Unfortunately, research institutions cannot hire that amount of workers.

In this article we present the process of retreading a Galician dictionary that was first developed and compiled using Microsoft Word. This dictionary was converted, through automatic rewriting, into a Text Encoding Initiative schema subset. This process will be
detailed, and the problems found will be discussed. Given a recent
normative that changed the Galician orthography, the dictionary has
undergone a semi-automatic modernization process. Finally, two applications for the obtained dictionaries will be shown.

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Keywords: dictionary, markup language, language processing, lexical information retrieval, Galician language
Collection: 2nd Symposium on Languages, Applications and Technologies
Issue Date: 2013
Date of publication: 05.06.2013

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