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Orosz, György ; Laki, László János ; Novák, Attila ; Siklósi, Borbála

Combining Language Independent Part-of-Speech Tagging Tools

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Part-of-speech tagging is a fundamental task of natural language processing. For languages with a very rich agglutinating morphology, generic PoS tagging algorithms do not yield very high accuracy due to data sparseness issues. Though integrating a morphological analyzer can efficiently solve this problem, this is a resource-intensive solution. In this paper we show a method of combining language independent statistical solutions -- including a statistical machine translation tool -- of PoS-tagging to effectively boost tagging accuracy. Our experiments show that, using the same training set, our combination of language independent tools yield an accuracy that approaches that of a language dependent system with an integrated morphological analyzer.

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Keywords: part-of-speech tagging, combination, agglutinative languages, machine learning, machine translation
Collection: 2nd Symposium on Languages, Applications and Technologies
Issue Date: 2013
Date of publication: 05.06.2013

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