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Brafman, Ronen I. ; Friedman, Doron

Adaptive Rich Media Presentations via Preference-Based Constrained Optimization

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Personalization and adaptation of multi-media messages are well
known and well studied problems. Ideally, each message should reflect
its recipient's interests, device capabilities, and network
conditions. Such personalization is more difficult to carry out
given a compound multi-media presentation containing multiple
spatially and temporally related elements. This paper describes a novel
formal, yet practical approach, and
an implemented system prototype for authoring and adapting compound multi-media presentations. Our approach builds on recent advances in preference specification and preferences-based constrained optimization techniques.

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Keywords: Preferences, cp-nets, multi-media presentations
Collection: 04271 - Preferences: Specification, Inference, Applications
Issue Date: 2006
Date of publication: 19.01.2006

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