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Chin, Wei-Ngan

Specification, Verification and Inference (Invited Talk)

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Traditionally, the focus of specification mechanism has been on improving its ability to cover a wider range of problems more accurately, while the effectiveness of verification is left to the underlying theorem provers. Our work attempts a novel approach, where the focus is on designing good specification mechanisms that can achieve both better expressiveness and better verifiability. Moreover, we shall also highlight a unified specification mechanism that can be used for both verification and inference. Our framework allows preconditions and postconditions to be selectively inferred via a set of uninterpreted relations which are computed using bi-abduction, and modularly synthesized to support concise specification for program codes.

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Keywords: Expressive Specification, Automated Verification, Specification Inference
Collection: 1st French Singaporean Workshop on Formal Methods and Applications (FSFMA 2013)
Issue Date: 2013
Date of publication: 14.07.2013

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