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Broadbent, Christopher ; Kobayashi, Naoki

Saturation-Based Model Checking of Higher-Order Recursion Schemes

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Model checking of higher-order recursion schemes (HORS) has recently been studied extensively and applied to higher-order program verification. Despite recent efforts, obtaining a scalable model checker for HORS remains a big challenge. We propose a new model checking algorithm for HORS, which combines two previous, independent approaches to higher-order model checking. Like previous type-based algorithms for HORS, it directly analyzes HORS and outputs intersection types as a certificate, but like Broadbent et al.'s saturation algorithm for collapsible pushdown systems (CPDS), it propagates information backward, in the sense that it starts with target configurations and iteratively computes their pre-images. We have implemented the new algorithm and confirmed that the prototype often outperforms TRECS and CSHORe, the state-of-the-art model checkers for HORS.

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Keywords: Model checking, higher-order recursion schemes, intersection types
Collection: Computer Science Logic 2013 (CSL 2013)
Issue Date: 2013
Date of publication: 02.09.2013

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