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Boden, Marcus ; Schöneich, Martin ; Horwege, Sebastian ; Lindner, Sebastian ; Leimeister, Chris ; Morgenstern, Burkhard

Alignment-free sequence comparison with spaced k-mers

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Alignment-free methods are increasingly used for genome analysis and phylogeny reconstruction since they circumvent various difficulties of traditional approaches that rely on multiple sequence alignments.
In particular, they are much faster than alignment-based methods. Most alignment-free approaches work by analyzing the k-mer composition of sequences. In this paper, we propose to use 'spaced k-mers', i.e. patterns of deterministic and 'don't care' positions
instead of contiguous k-mers. Using simulated and real-world
sequence data, we demonstrate that this approach produces better phylogenetic trees than alignment-free methods that rely on contiguous k-mers. In addition, distances calculated with spaced k-mers appear to be statistically more stable than distances based on contiguous k-mers.

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Keywords: Alignment-free sequence comparison, phylogeny reconstruction
Collection: German Conference on Bioinformatics 2013
Issue Date: 2013
Date of publication: 09.09.2013

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