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van Gijzel, Bas

Tools for the implementation of argumentation models

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The structured approach to argumentation has seen a surge of models, introducing a multitude of ways to deal with the formalisation of arguments. However, while the development of the mathematical models have flourished, the actual implementations and development of methods for implementation of these models have been lagging behind. This paper attempts to alleviate this problem by providing methods that simplify implementation, i.e. we demonstrate how the functional programming language Haskell can naturally express mathematical definitions and sketch how a theorem prover can verify this implementation. Furthermore, we provide methods to streamline the documenting of code, showing how literate programming allows the implementer to write formal definition, implementation and documentation in one file. All code has been made publicly available and reusable.

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Keywords: argumentation, implementation, functional programming, Haskell, Carneades
Collection: 2013 Imperial College Computing Student Workshop
Issue Date: 2013
Date of publication: 14.10.2013

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