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Luther, Wolfram ; Ha├člinger, Gerhard ; Auer, Ekaterina ; Dyllong, Eva ; Traczinski, Daniela ; Traczinski, Holger

Integration of reliable algorithms into modeling software

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In this note we discuss strategies that would enhance modern modeling and simulation software (MSS) with reliable routines using validated data types, controlled rounding, algorithmic differentiation and interval equation or initial value problem solver. Several target systems are highlighted. In stochastic traffic modeling, the computation of workload distributions plays a prominent role since they influence the quality of service parameters. INoWaTIV is a workload analysis tool that uses two different techniques: the polynomial factorization approach and the Wiener-Hopf factorization to determine the work-load distributions of GI/GI/1 and SMP/GI/1 service systems accurately. Two extensions of a multibody modeling and simulation software were developed to model kinematic and dynamic properties of multibody systems in a validated way. Furthermore, an interface was created that allows the computation of convex hulls and reliable lower bounds for the distances between subpav-ing-encoded objects constructed with SIVIA (Set Inverter Via Interval Analysis).

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Keywords: Reliable algorithms, stochastic traffic modeling, multibody modeling tools, geometric modeling
Collection: 05391 - Algebraic and Numerical Algorithms and Computer-assisted Proofs
Issue Date: 2006
Date of publication: 31.01.2006

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