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Ma, Xintao ; Rinast, Jonas ; Schupp, Sibylle ; Gollmann, Dieter

Evaluating On-line Model Checking in UPPAAL-SMC using a Laser Tracheotomy Case Study

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On-line model checking is a variant of model checking that evaluates properties of a system concurrently while deployed, which allows overcoming limitations of inaccurate system models. In this paper we conduct a laser tracheotomy case study to evaluate the feasibility of using the statistical model checker UPPAAL-SMC for on-line model checking in a medical application. Development of automatic on-line model checking relies on the precision of the prediction and real-time capabilities as real-time requirements must be met. We evaluate the case study with regards to these qualities and our results show that using UPPAAL-SMC in an on-line model checking context is practical: relative prediction errors were only 2% on average and guarantees could be established within reasonable time during our experiments.

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Keywords: On-line Model Checking, Laser Tracheotomy, UPPAAL-SMC, Patient-in-the-loop
Collection: 5th Workshop on Medical Cyber-Physical Systems
Issue Date: 2014
Date of publication: 14.04.2014

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