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Sheth, Amit
Industrial Experiences

From Semantic Search & Integration to Analytics

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Semantics is seen as the key ingredient in the next phase of the Web infrastructure as well as the next generation of enterprise content management. Ontology is the centerpiece of the most prevalent semantic technologies and provides the basis of representing, acquiring, and utilizing knowledge. With the availability of several commercial products and many research tools, specifications and increasing adoption of Semantic Web standards such as RDF for metadata and OWL for ontology representation, ontology-driven techniques and systems have already enabled a new generation of industry strength semantic applications. In particular, Semagix’s Freedom has powered applications in leading verticals such as, financial services, government & intelligence, pharmaceuticals, and media & entertainment. In this paper, we portray some of the requirements of high-end enterprise applications requiring search to integration, and more advanced analytical capabilities, discuss the enterprise scale capabilities expected of a semantic technology, and how Semagix has put an ontology-driven approach to use.

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Keywords: Ontology , Semantic Search , Semantic Integration , Semantic Analytics
Collection: 04391 - Semantic Interoperability and Integration
Issue Date: 2005
Date of publication: 23.03.2005

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