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Kalleberg, Karl Trygve ; Hall, Tracy ; Ettinger, Ran

Making Slicing Mainstream How can we be Weiser?

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By now, the concept of program slicing has been known in the research community for around 25 years. As a research topic, it has enjoyed a fair share of popularity, evidenced by the number of articles published on the topic following Mark Weiser's seminal paper. However, outside research circles, program slicing appears to be virtually unknown.

In this report, we take the premise that program slicing is both technically relevant, and has a sufficient theoretical foundation, to be applied in practice within the software industry. With this premise in mind, we ask ourselves, ``what are the mechanisms by which we as a community could make program slicing mainstream''?

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Keywords: Program Slicing, Popularization
Collection: 05451 - Beyond Program Slicing
Issue Date: 2006
Date of publication: 07.07.2006

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