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Rompf, Tiark ; Brown, Kevin J. ; Lee, HyoukJoong ; Sujeeth, Arvind K. ; Jonnalagedda, Manohar ; Amin, Nada ; Ofenbeck, Georg ; Stojanov, Alen ; Klonatos, Yannis ; Dashti, Mohammad ; Koch, Christoph ; PĆ¼schel, Markus ; Olukotun, Kunle

Go Meta! A Case for Generative Programming and DSLs in Performance Critical Systems

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Most performance critical software is developed using very low-level techniques. We argue that this needs to change, and that generative programming is an effective avenue to enable the use of high-level languages and programming techniques in many such circumstances.

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Keywords: Performance, Generative Programming, Staging, DSLs
Collection: 1st Summit on Advances in Programming Languages (SNAPL 2015)
Issue Date: 2015
Date of publication: 30.04.2015

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