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Delahaye, Benoît

Consistency for Parametric Interval Markov Chains

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Interval Markov Chains (IMCs) are the base of a classic probabilistic specification theory by Larsen and Jonsson in 1991. They are also a popular abstraction for probabilistic systems. In this paper we introduce and study an extension of Interval Markov Chains with parametric intervals. In particular, we investigate the consistency problem for such models and propose an efficient solution for the subclass of parametric IMCs with local parameters only. We also show that this problem is still decidable for parametric IMCs with global parameters, although more complex in this case.

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Keywords: Specification, Parameters, Markov Chains, Consistency
Collection: 2nd International Workshop on Synthesis of Complex Parameters (SynCoP'15)
Issue Date: 2015
Date of publication: 03.12.2015

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