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Barton, Carl ; Kociumaka, Tomasz ; Pissis, Solon P. ; Radoszewski, Jakub

Efficient Index for Weighted Sequences

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The problem of finding factors of a text string which are identical or similar to a given pattern string is a central problem in computer science. A generalised version of this problem consists in implementing an index over the text to support efficient on-line pattern queries. We study this problem in the case where the text is weighted: for every position of the text and every letter of the alphabet a probability of occurrence of this letter at this position is given. Sequences of this type, also called position weight matrices, are commonly used to represent imprecise or uncertain data. A weighted sequence may represent many different strings, each with probability of occurrence equal to the product of probabilities of its letters at subsequent positions. Given a probability threshold 1/z, we say that a pattern string P matches a weighted text at position i if the product of probabilities of the letters of P at positions i,...,i+|P|-1 in the text is at least 1/z. In this article, we present an O(nz)-time construction of an O(nz)-sized index that can answer pattern matching queries in a weighted text in optimal time improving upon the state of the art by a factor of z log z. Other applications of this data structure include an O(nz)-time construction of the weighted prefix table and an O(nz)-time computation of all covers of a weighted sequence, which improve upon the state of the art by the same factor.

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Keywords: weighted sequence, position weight matrix, indexing, weighted suffix tree
Collection: 27th Annual Symposium on Combinatorial Pattern Matching (CPM 2016)
Issue Date: 2016
Date of publication: 27.06.2016

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