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Miltzow, Tillmann ; Narins, Lothar ; Okamoto, Yoshio ; Rote, G√ľnter ; Thomas, Antonis ; Uno, Takeaki

Approximation and Hardness of Token Swapping

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Given a graph G=(V,E) with V={1,...,n}, we place on every vertex a token T_1,...,T_n. A swap is an exchange of tokens on adjacent vertices. We consider the algorithmic question of finding a shortest sequence of swaps such that token T_i is on vertex i. We are able to achieve essentially matching upper and lower bounds, for exact algorithms and approximation algorithms. For exact algorithms, we rule out any 2^{o(n)} algorithm under the ETH. This is matched with a simple 2^{O(n*log(n))} algorithm based on a breadth-first search in an auxiliary graph. We show one general 4-approximation and show APX-hardness. Thus, there is a small constant delta > 1 such that every polynomial time approximation algorithm has approximation factor at least delta.

Our results also hold for a generalized version, where tokens and vertices are colored. In this generalized version each token must go to a vertex with the same color.

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Keywords: token swapping, minimum generator sequence, graph theory, NP-hardness, approximation algorithms
Collection: 24th Annual European Symposium on Algorithms (ESA 2016)
Issue Date: 2016
Date of publication: 18.08.2016

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