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Wachter, Björn

Explaining Data Type Reduction in the Shape Analysis Framework

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Automatic formal verification of systems composed of a large or even unbounded
number of components is difficult as the state space of these systems is
prohibitively large. Abstraction techniques automatically construct finite
approximations of infinite-state systems from which safe information about
the original system can be inferred. We study two abstraction techniques
shape analysis, a technique from program analysis, and data type reduction,
originating from model checking. Until recently we did not properly understand
how shape analysis and data type reduction relate. In this talk, we shed light
on this relation in a comprehensive way. This is a step towards a more
unified view of abstraction employed in the static analysis and model checking

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Keywords: Canonical abstraction, data type reduction, model checking, parameterized system, infinite-state
Collection: Workshop on Trustworthy Software
Issue Date: 2006
Date of publication: 26.09.2006

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