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Cao, Wei ; Li, Jian ; Wang, Haitao ; Wang, Kangning ; Wang, Ruosong ; Chi-Wing Wong, Raymond ; Zhan, Wei

k-Regret Minimizing Set: Efficient Algorithms and Hardness

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We study the k-regret minimizing query (k-RMS), which is a useful operator for supporting multi-criteria decision-making. Given two integers k and r, a k-RMS returns r tuples from the database which minimize the k-regret ratio, defined as one minus the worst ratio between the k-th maximum utility score among all tuples in the database and the maximum utility score of the r tuples returned. A solution set contains only r tuples, enjoying the benefits of both top-k queries and skyline queries. Proposed in 2012, the query has been studied extensively in recent years. In this paper, we advance the theory and the practice of k-RMS in the following aspects. First, we develop efficient algorithms for k-RMS (and its decision version) when the dimensionality is 2. The running time of our algorithms outperforms those of previous ones. Second, we show that k-RMS is NP-hard even when the dimensionality is 3. This provides a complete characterization of the complexity of k-RMS, and answers an open question in previous studies. In addition, we present approximation algorithms for the problem when the dimensionality is 3 or larger.

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Keywords: multi-criteria decision-making, regret minimizing set, top-k query
Collection: 20th International Conference on Database Theory (ICDT 2017)
Issue Date: 2017
Date of publication: 17.03.2017

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