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Maggio, Martina ; Papadopoulos, Alessandro Vittorio ; Filieri, Antonio ; Hoffmann, Henry

Self-Adaptive Video Encoder: Comparison of Multiple Adaptation Strategies Made Simple (Artifact)

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This paper presents an adaptive video encoder that can be used to compare the behavior of different adaptation strategies using multiple actuators to steer the encoder towards a global goal, composed of multiple conflicting objectives.
A video camera produces frames that the encoder manipulates with the objective of matching some space requirement to fit a given communication channel. A second objective is to maintain a given similarity index between the manipulated frames and the original ones.
To achieve the goal, the software can change three parameters: the quality of the encoding, the noise reduction filter radius and the sharpening filter radius.
In most cases the objectives - small encoded size and high quality - conflict, since a larger frame would have a higher similarity index to its original counterpart. This makes the problem difficult from the control perspective and makes the case study appealing to compare different adaptation strategies.

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Keywords: self-adaptive software, video encoding, comparison, control theory
Collection: DARTS, Volume 3, Issue 1
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Issue Date: 2017
Date of publication: 16.05.2017
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